The Farm

Our 840 acre (340 hectare) Southern upland farm belonged to the Cally Estate until 1914 and ever since has been family owned and run, first as a dairy and sheep farm and latterly beef and sheep by the previous generation.  Marc and Isobel have been here now since 2004 and having experimented with various types of farming have now settled into sheep farming and have a flock of about 400 ewes of varying breeds namely Scotch Mule,Suffolk,Texel, Llewyn, Charolais and traces of Soay - the oldest existing sheep breed in Britain dating back 4000 years. 

  Large parts of the farm are semi - natural heath and wetlands with extensive wildlife.

Deer and birdllfe such as barn owls and falcons are to be seen and we see a lot of red kites. The Cuckoo is to be heard in spring on Barcloy Hill.

 Our eldest daughter Hannah keeps nine laying hens and a cockerel called Steve.  Depending on availablilty she will happily sell you eggs. We also have home grown lamb and pork for sale (frozen).

Walking can be enjoyed on the farm and a climb up Barcloy Hill (268m) affords stunning 360 degree views of the area and coastline.

We've got three saddleback pigs and Barcloy is also home to some mixed breed tenant cattle.

We've got four ponies, Sophie, Bramble,Aspen and Bandit, three collie dogs, Nan, Kip and Daisy, a. Jack Russell called Spot and three cats Twinkle, Morris and Humpherine (used to be Humphrey until he got pregnant).

Guests are welcome to explore the farm but please check first as some fields with cows and calves may be unsafe.




Isobel and baby Suffolk lamb March 2012            Sophie the pony and Eva                          Climbing Barcloy Hill in August